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St. Mary Lodge And Resort - Glacier Hotels St. Mary Lodge And Resort
US Hwy 89
St. Mary, MT 59417

Sample daily rate $119 to $450


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I have stayed at this hotel for many years, in the lodge, the pinnacle cottages and the sun cabin. The lodge rooms are nice, and there is a small refrigerator. The cottages are great if you have a group of people who want a homey feel and the opportunity to cook for yourself. The cost per night is somewhat mitigated by the savings on cooking- but you will need to shop in Kalispell or Great Falls, since the grocery store in St. Mary's has a limited selection. I stayed in the Sun Cabin last year since I was alone. It was bigger than I needed but I really like having a kitchen to cook for myself. The food at St. Mary's restaurant is average. There are a few good restaurants nearby but there are long lines if you don't get there early.
By Kathryn
Did you know?
1914 ~ Great Northern Railway establishes the Glacier Park Hotel Company to manage their Glacier National Park operations
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