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Siyeh Pass - Glacier Pictures
The snow in the middle is a glacier, but I don't know th ...
Siyeh Pass view - Glacier Pictures
McDonald Lake at Sunset - Glacier Pictures
Can you see the duck landing on th ...
Boat ramp Lake McDonald - Glacier Pictures
Even nasty gas powered fishing boats look good on Lake ...
Flathead River at McDonald Creek - Glacier Pictures
The trees in the image are in the ...
Flathead River at McDonald Creek - Glacier Pictures
This wide angle view was taken from the Quarter Circle Bridge in Glacier Park. McDonald creek is flowing under the bridge into the Middle Fork of the Flathead River in West ...
Flathead River at McDonald Creek - Glacier Pictures
This view is upstream on the Middle Fork of the Flathead looking toward Belton Mountain in West ...
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Jeremiah Thompson - Glacier Pictures
Jeremiah Thompson
Allan Yuen - Glacier Pictures
Allan Yuen
Jason Langley - Glacier Pictures
Jason Langley
Cheri Vander Weerdt - Glacier Pictures
Cheri Vander Weerdt
Rebecca Latson - Glacier Pictures
Rebecca Latson
Jim Green - Glacier Pictures
Jim Green
Timothy K. Hamilton - Glacier Pictures
Timothy K. Hamilton
Barbara Hanka - Glacier Pictures
Barbara Hanka
Daryl Benson - Glacier Pictures
Daryl Benson
John W. Hammond - Glacier Pictures
John W. Hammond
Allie Wilson - Glacier Pictures
Allie Wilson
Dennis Johnson - Glacier Pictures
Dennis Johnson
Everett Holm - Glacier Pictures
Everett Holm
Kevin Benedict - Glacier Pictures
Kevin Benedict
Katie LaSalle-Lowery - Glacier Pictures
Katie LaSalle-Lowery
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Glacier Pictures Did you know?
To the Blackfeet, the mountains of this area, especially Chief Mountain and the region in the southeast at Two Medicine, were considered the "Backbone of the World" and were frequented during vision quests.
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