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Glacier Pictures
Looking up to mama, Glacier National Park, ...
Logan Pass - Glacier Pictures
Bighorn standing tall on ridge, Logan's Pass, Glacier National Park, ...
Logan Pass - Glacier Pictures
Untain goats on a rock ledge overlooking hidden lake, Glacier National Park, ...
Many Glacier - Glacier Pictures
Y Glacier Hotel, Glacier National Park, ...
Glacier Pictures
Brown-haired bear (we were this told this is a black bear by species) eating berries, Many Glacier, Glacier National Park, ...
Glacier Pictures
Distant view of Chief Mountain, Glacier National Park, ...
Glacier Pictures
Restored Touring Coach, Glacier National Park, ...
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Jeremiah Thompson - Glacier Pictures
Jeremiah Thompson
Allan Yuen - Glacier Pictures
Allan Yuen
Jason Langley - Glacier Pictures
Jason Langley
Cheri Vander Weerdt - Glacier Pictures
Cheri Vander Weerdt
Rebecca Latson - Glacier Pictures
Rebecca Latson
Jim Green - Glacier Pictures
Jim Green
Barbara Hanka - Glacier Pictures
Barbara Hanka
Timothy K. Hamilton - Glacier Pictures
Timothy K. Hamilton
John W. Hammond - Glacier Pictures
John W. Hammond
Daryl Benson - Glacier Pictures
Daryl Benson
Allie Wilson - Glacier Pictures
Allie Wilson
Kevin Benedict - Glacier Pictures
Kevin Benedict
Everett Holm - Glacier Pictures
Everett Holm
Dennis Johnson - Glacier Pictures
Dennis Johnson
Katie LaSalle-Lowery - Glacier Pictures
Katie LaSalle-Lowery
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Glacier Pictures Did you know?
In 1895, Chief White Calf of the Blackfeet authorized the sale of some 800,000 acres to the U.S. government for $1.5 million with the understanding that they would maintain usage rights to the land for hunting, etc. This established the current boundary between the park and the reservation.
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