Glacier National Park - Whitewater Rafting

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As winter recedes and the snowpack in Glacier melts then it fills the rivers with mad rushing water. The peak time is late spring/early summer when the runoff is at its highest. Coming later in the year could mean your wild float is pretty mellow as the rivers will have calmed.

There are several white water rafting outfitters in Glacier. All are based out of West Glacier. Here are a few:
Glacier Outdoor Center Glacier Outdoor Center
$38 to $87
(800) 235-6781
Great Northern Rafting Great Northern Rafting
(800) 735-7897
Glacier Guides, Inc. Glacier Guides, Inc.
$40 to $107
(800) 521-7238
Wild River Adventures Wild River Adventures
$38 to $110 (800) 700-7056
Glacier Pictures Did you know?
In 1895, Chief White Calf of the Blackfeet authorized the sale of some 800,000 acres to the U.S. government for $1.5 million with the understanding that they would maintain usage rights to the land for hunting, etc. This established the current boundary between the park and the reservation.
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